Improve English

1. Enjoy your learning experience

Too often learning a language can seem boring and one-dimensional. Simply pouring over a textbook or looking at an endless stream of words can be an ineffective way of stimulating the mind. The first step to learning a language quickly is to embrace the learning experience, which means enjoying the language. This can be achieved through communal activities and games or quizzes designed to bring some excitement to the class. Interesting class topics are also a way to involve shier students in the process.


2. Don’t feel embarassed

Manny students lose their confidence when using a second language, for fear of making mistakes or being misunderstood. In fact making mistakes is part of the natural learning process for anything and should not be avoided. Trial and error is a very effective way of progressing and improving. Don’t feel shy!


3. Understand the similarities between English and Indonesian

Indonesian, especially at the written level, is surprisingly similar to English. This is true for a lot of the vocabulary but also for some of the more sophisticated grammar points. You know that there is a difference between using the word ‘aman’ and ‘keamanan’ for example – just as English differentiates between ‘safe’ and ‘safety’. Remember that Indonesian also has grammar rules that can be applied to English. Above all, don’t translate sentences word by word. This can jumble the meaning and is too simplistic.


4. Immerse yourself in material

Classes only take place in a limited time frame and although they are vital for the interaction they also cannot provide everything you need. English material in Indonesia is abundant – watch Hollywood films with Indonesian subtitles to become used to the accent. Watch television shows with subtitles. Read advertisements and marketing slogans (which are often in English). When you feel confident watch shows with English subtitles or attempt to read a book or newspaper in English. Although this can seem like tough work it will quickly become easy and help you become an English master!

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