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This month welcomes the arrival of professional English language trainer Abbey Road to the workplaces and offices of West Java. The company sees itself as an integral part of the region’s future growth and looks forward to cooperating with some of Indonesia’s brightest companies and employees.

Why then West Java? West Java is projected to be an economic hub for Indonesia over the coming years. Within a region that stretches from Bekasi, Cikarang,Karawang and Purwakarta all the way to Bandung the economic corridor along the toll road is a sign of what Indonesia’s future looks like: modern, international and open to business. The government has approved and is currently constructing the new Kertajati airport; industrial centers are popping up all along the Purbaleunyi Toll; the government has licensed the new high speed railway between Bandung and Jakarta.

Abbey Road is a highly professional English language provider that can provide these aspirational companies with the intelligent English speaking employees that are needed. We provide English language training for all corporate levels, from management right down to technicians. The teachers are able to swiftly move between the higher level English required for negotiationg an exporting contract and the day to day chit-chat between a hotel clerk and a customer.

How do we achieve this? Our teachers are professional and able to identify with the Indonesian people they are teaching. We offer training for management, exporters, hoteliers, entrepeneurs, marketers, technicians and engineers. If you are looking for a competitive edge in the business world then you should contact us.

To inquire further or book a course, contact us here via email or phone. We provide one demonstration lesson free as proof of our service.

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