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Economic development in West Java has accelerated over recent years, with foreign direct investment (FDI) exceeding other provinces for 2016. As Jakarta struggles to keep up with its sinking foundations, strangled traffic and overpopulation investment has sought other opportunities nearby and has directly flowed into West Java. Abbey Road Indonesia has therefore not only decided to base itself in the regional capital of Bandung but also provide English course for the wider West Javanese community. Rapid change across the region has seen greater urbanisation and modernisation, which has entailed a need for quality English tuition and thus a need for a reliable institution such as Abbey Road Indonesia.

Why Abbey Road Indonesia Operate in Bandung?

In order to see the development in action across West Java, the first thing to do is travel along the Jakarta-Bandung toll which connects the two major cities. Whilst initially the project benefited the two respective cities it has now opened up development along the route and created an economic corridor. Industrial zones and factories have sprung up from Bekasi to Cikarang to Cikampek to Purwakarta and all the way to Cimahi as a result of companies searching for greater competitive edge and quick access to infrastructure. In particular exporting companies are taking advantage of specialised industrial zones in spaces such as Karawang for example, which was previously a little known outlier of Bekasi and has now become a hot area for investment.

This has additionally brought with it extra benefits as hotels and developers clamour to provide for the entrepreneurs and managers and foreign clients who are now staying in the region. All this places a burden on certain employees to engage in English and create ever closer working relationships with their clients. Other areas have followed suit such as Purwakarta which is constructing its own integrated industrial park. Abbey Road is here to guide companies through the complicated global business environment and help them gain a competitive edge.

Linking this economic corridor with both the metropolitan region of greater Bandung and the metropolitan region of greater Cirebon will be the proposed Kertajati airport, which will serve as an important glue tying together the three economic centers. To be opened in 2018 the airport will play host to multiple international routes as well as domestic ones, and open the region up to greater tourism and quick access to the skies for exporters.

In addition to the airport the provincial government has also begun development on the proposed Patimban port to provide relief for shipping exports. Currently exporters located in West Java must use the Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta and contend with congestion in the capital. This greatly increases logistic costs and reduces profits. A port such as this located locally and able to handle large shipments with minimal costs will attract many more foreign investors and exporters to the region and boost growth further in West Java.

Further reinforcing the integration of these areas is the proposed fast train connection between Bandung and Jakarta, which will run the length of the toll road and provide an alternative economic connection between these growing economic zones. Although plagued by delays construction should begin shortly and will provide access to a number of industrial areas between the two cities.

The Urgency of Competition

Alongside the increasing openness of Indonesia towards a competitive business culture and greater efficiency more and more companies are demanding a high value professional English service that can meet their international demands. The greatest direct investors in Indonesia are Singapore, China, Japan and the USA – all of these interact in the business world through the use of English to cut deals, entertain clients and run their daily operations. They are demanding the same of their Indonesian counterparts and employees.

Traditionally this has been focused in Jakarta however more recently as more emphasis has been placed on spreading wealth beyond the capital and as foreign companies have spread outwards into neighbouring West Java the effects can be seen elsewhere. Those companies who are unwilling to commit to raising their employees’ productivity and specifically their English level will be unable to significantly compete with and outperform their rivals. Those that will succed will be those that invest in their workforce for the future and build a comany that is both internationally and professionally minded.

Firms with manufacturing plants in Karawang, Cikampek, Purwakarta and elsewhere need their engineers to explain complex machinery to their clients and managers (Japanese/Korean/Singaporean etc) and provide tours of their plants to inspectors in English. Exporters need sales and marketing teams who are English literate and able to produce stylish advertisements and directly contact potential clients. Hotels need staff who are able to cater to the growing level of foreign businessmen and tourists in the region. Abbey Road Indonesia is just the company that can provide these services.

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