Are you looking for an English Course in Bandung that has native speaker mentors? Yes, you certainly agree that learning with a native speaker is one of the fastest ways to master English conversation. English mentors are more confident in communicating with the students. The class is more exciting since the students are more interested in learning how to communicate as the native speakers do.

Finding English Courses in Bandung is not a difficult task. You can find many English courses in the city. However, finding one that offers native speaker mentors is a different story. In fact, in many non-English speaking countries, learning with native speakers has been promoted as a government program. In Indonesia, use of native speaker mentors has not been fully integrated into the curriculum.

English Course in Bandung

Why Choose an English Course in Bandung with Native Speakers

Few, if any, formal schools in Indonesia have native speakers to teach English. As a result, the students have to accept the conventional method of English teaching, which relies upon ‘just-do-what-I-say’ method. Studies have shown that this conventional technique does not lead to language competency and proficiency.

Therefore, if the students really want to have the language competency and proficiency in a faster way, going to a non-formal language institution is one of the solutions. Students who live in big cities, like Bandung, are lucky enough since they can get easier access to English courses that have native speakers as mentors. So, why should you learn English with native speakers?

Before choosing an English Course in Bandung, here are some reasons why you should choose a course that has native speaker:

More Exciting Class

A class is certainly more interesting if guided by a native speaker mentor. A native speaker is more confident, thus making the communication flow more naturally. Students will be encouraged to speak as the native speakers do. Keeping the class funny is one of the keys to stimulate minds to communicate in a better way. Two-way communication will create an effective atmosphere, in which the students can develop their English language skills.

More Effective Learning

In formal schools, English learning is focused mostly on the grammatical rules and formal communication. With native speakers, the students get the combination of English structure, conversation, reading, and listening. Speaking with a native speaker encourages the students to learn how to practice English in a natural setting. The more time they spend with native speakers, the faster the improvement will be.

Knowledge Transfer

Besides giving more advantages for the students, native speaker mentors also provide the non-English speaking mentors with benefits. They can teach together with the mentors and see how the native speakers communicate with students. In other words, the other mentors will have to learn ‘on the job’ and have to cooperate with the native speakers to develop their teaching competency.

English Course in Bandung

English Course in Bandung for Faster Results

If you are looking for an English course, where you can prepare yourself for further study or for work, you are in the right place. Abbey Road Indonesia is an English Course in Bandung, where you will get an enjoyable class guided by native speaker mentors. We design the course to fit your needs. Abbey Road Indonesia offers a number of advantages, including:

Professional Teaching System

We cross the borderline and say good-bye to the conventional teaching method. The mentors are well trained to stimulate the students to improve English language proficiency and competency. To avoid boredom during the lesson, the teaching method combines verbal communication and interactive media. This stimulates two-way communication for an effective learning process.

In Abbey Road Indonesia, the mentors are trained to work with the participants. They are able to develop the students’ potential to learn. You certainly agree that everyone has a different learning style. By identifying how each student learns, the mentor can easily find the strategy to stimulate him/her.

Easy-to-Apply Teaching System

The teaching system in Abbey Road Indonesia is designed to fit the students’ need. If you take the course as a preparation for work, you will get a course that stimulates you to communicate in a workplace setting in a natural setting. The native speaker mentor will guide you thorough the process.

With us, you will find that learning English is not a nightmare anymore. We revolutionize the way English is taught. You learn in an exciting class, where communication flows naturally. You will not be scared to speak or be nervous to express your opinion about something. You will not be afraid of making mistakes in speaking. Practices and learning from the mistakes are the best tools for learning.

Professional Native Speaker Mentors

We are among the few options of English Courses in Bandung that have native speaker mentors. Some of them are even able to speak in Bahasa Indonesia. The advantage, of course, is the mentors can easily understand what the students mean even if they cannot state it in a correct English sentence.

In Abbey Road Indonesia, we carefully select the mentors, who understand not only Bahasa Indonesia, but also the society and business culture in the country. Understanding of the local wisdom makes it easier for the mentors to blend with the class. Therefore, the mentors can make sample sentences and create a conversation situation that mostly resembles the real life. This is great capital for building a creative and enjoyable class.

More interestingly, our mentors are experienced in teaching English for specific purposes in different organizations. They include Legislative Boards, Businesses, Banks, and many more. In short, our mentors are professionals who dedicate themselves to English teaching.

Are you ready to enjoy learning English?

Abbey Road Indonesia is a perfect choice for learning English in faster way. We provide you with a supporting atmosphere to learn. Do not get frustrated if you have a job interview in the near future but you are not confident with your English competence. Our professional mentors and native speakers are there to provide you with the fast solution. They are waiting for you here in Abbey Road Indonesia, Bandung.

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