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Abbey Road Professional English Course Bandung is a provider of high quality English courses to company employees and professional clients who need English in the business world.

Abbey Road English Course Bandung has a fundamental understanding of the Indonesian climate and culture that enables us to provide a service superior to its competitors in the region of West Java. Teaching a language requires more than simply following a book chapter by chapter; it requires the teacher to engage with the students and spark their interest in the subject. At Abbey Road Indonesia our teachers have experience in engaging with Indonesian employees and employers alike and understand how to make the class experience enjoyable. They are able to approach subjects that are unique to Indonesia such as local traditions, food, beliefs and ideas and create a lively class atmosphere that encourages participation and enthusiasm for the course. Growth Engineering highlights the importance of having fun when learning and the positive impact it can have on the process. This is something we prioritize at Abbey Road and our teachers always strive to provide an inspirational and interesting learning experience. This is something often overlooked by our competitors.

Abbey Road English Course Bandung, Professional but Enjoyable

Although the classes and courses we provide are engaging and creative in approach, they do not lack in professionalism. Our teachers are all highly qualified and intelligent native speakers who have previous experience in teaching businesses in Indonesia, in all sectors (banking, engineering, hospitality etc). Whilst they understand the importance of an enjoyable learning environment, they also understand the targets and needs of our clients. Whilst the topics of the class may be focused towards inclusive topics such as holidays and television, they can also steer towards more challenging topics such as economics, business meetings and current affairs. The teachers will tailor the classes according to the level of the participants and the requests of the clients.

Course Flexibility

Of course each business is different and unique. Their demands and needs will vary according to their sector, the nature of the employees’ positions, the employees’ standard of English and the future aspirations of the company among other things. This requires a flexible approach and Abbey Road Indonesia is ready to adapt the nature of the course to suit each client’s wants. For example the class could be focused towards conversation and styled specifically for clients who often hold business meetings with foreigners, both formal and informal. Additionally it could be designed to improve presentation skills, or boost confidence in secretaries who need to answer the phone in English. Alternatively, more emphasis could be placed on written English such as report writing and expressing complex ideas in written form. Abbey Road Indonesia offers the following books to accompany courses and guide the students forward:

  1. Intelligent Business is a general business book which takes learners gently through a host of relevant business topics, from Elementary (A1) to Advanced (C2). This is useful for corporate classes and management, and equips learners with the knowledge and practical English skills to excel in the corporate world.  The book is a collaboration with the prestigious magazine The Economist, and each chapter contains a real life application for the English learned.
  2. TechTalk is an Oxford produced book which is specifically designed to help engineers and factory workers translate their work into English. The specific focus is ideal for workers in large exporting companies in industrial zones such as Cikampek, Karawang, and Purwakarta.
  3. Tourism is another book produced by Oxford,and centers on the tourism and hospitality industry. This is useful for workers within hotels, food catering or marketing in the West Java region, particularly Bandung which attracts more and more tourists each year.

All of these books come with an examination which can be offered at the end of the course to assess participants’ progress and quantify their level. Of course, while these books are of excellent world standard they are not enough on their own: teachers at Abbey Road Indonesia will always balance book content with additional materials and expertise to provide the optimal learning experience.

The Importance of Bahasa Indonesia

Sometimes, especially for lower level learners, it can be difficult to follow a class taught exclusively in English. Sometimes it is easier to engage the learners directly in Bahasa Indonesia to explain grammar points or vocabulary. This is one area where our competitors lack, however we at Abbey Road English Course Bandung place an importance on Bahasa Indonesia.Our teachers are therefore able to speak Bahasa Indonesia which can be extremely helpful in certain contexts. This also enables them to cross cultures and translate ideas in terms relatable to the course participants.

A Friendly and Approachable Demeanor in Abbey Road English Course Bandung

Often learning a foreign language can be an alienating and challenging experience. We may feel incapable or unconfident at expressing ourselves adequately. This can mean we don’t fully engage in the experience and learn at a slower pace than we could. The first objective of Abbey Road Indonesia teachers is to break down this unconfidence and let participants express themselves freely and comfortably without concern over how they may sound. Exploring a language is very much a question of trial and error and mistakes are encouraged (but also corrected!). The best way of achieving this is by adopting a friendly and approachable demeanor, and all our teachers are positive and enthusiastic and encouraging of class individuals.

The teacher is there to guide and help the participants, not to put pressure on them or make them feel inferior. By being open and inviting they help the participants grow at a quicker pace (which is why our clients are more satisfied and get more value for their money) and ensure that they remain interested in the course. This gives the best results and turns employees into confident and adept English users who are unafraid to communicate with natives and foreigners and who are able to use their English to push their company forward. Such a valuable asset means that businesses across West Java and Bandung are choosing Abbey Road Indonesia to raise their workforce’s productivity and achieve a competitive edge in a demanding business climate where the English language is no longer an option or a privilege: it is a necessity. Abbey Road English Course Bandung is here to help!

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