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As Indonesia pushes forward with economic growth and opens itself increasingly to the competitive world of international business new opportunities and challenges present themselves to companies. Such high growth means that speedy changes are visible across the country and certain areas are registering high levels of development. This is especially true of West Java, which is one of Indonesia’s fastest developing province. As West Java’s capital, Bandung is a dynamic and advanced city which requires a reliable English course West Java to help guide its businesses towards economic superiority.

Abbey Road’s English course is therefore situated primarily in Bandung to take full advantage of the city’s promise and deliver a high level English course.

Why Abbey Road English Course West Java Based in Bandung?

Bandung is known as Indonesia’s third largest city with a relaxed creative personality and a cool temperature, attracting visitors from Jakarta and elsewhere each weekend looking for a break from some of Indonesia’s more stressful urban zones. However it is also quickly gaining a reputation as an economic center as it seeks to expand its infrastructure and create a business friendly environment. This momentum has reached national news with large projects such as the Jakarta – Bandung high speed rail and the Antapani flyover which show the city’s commitment to sustainable growth. Indeed Bandung’s proximity with Jakarta makes it an ideal investment choice for companies looking to expand outwards from Jakarta’s overcrowded and expensive metropolis.

At the center of this new pivot to business has been the proposed Gedebage business zone in East Bandung, pioneered by Bandung’s open minded and forward thinking mayor elect Ridwan Kamil. The area plays host to the ‘Bandung Technopolis’, an integrated business zone and modern creative city designed to be competition friendly and an economic hub. The project aims to digitalise Bandung and provide its businesses with the tools necessary to provide high skilled and sustainable services and goods to the market. Along with this impressive infrastructure must come a workforce who are competent enough to drive economic growth, and this is where Abbey Road English Course West Java can provide workers with a high quality English course to help Bandung’s aspirational businesses get ahead.

Elsewhere, Bandung is also home to a fast growing tourist industry. The number of tourists attracted to its natural beauty and creative industries has boomed recently. To accommodate this growth the government is expanding the Husein Sastranegara airport, to reach 3.4 million annual passengers. With these tourists comes an obvious need for greater English language skills, as industries such as the hotellery sector must engage with and satisfy their foreign clients. Several new large hotel projects in Bandung have opened up such opportunities. Abbey Road is able to provide a comprehensive English course for customer service and hospitality, making it an ideal choice in Bandung.

Finally, Bandung’s famous creative industries are another reason why Abbey Road Indonesia is providing English courses in Bandung. Traditionally low level and local, with Bandung’s rising economic wealth and business friendly government clothing and textile companies are now competing at an international level and exporting their wares. Exporting goods requires a decent level of English to navigate client requirements and liasons, as well as marketing abroad. Abbey Road can provide just the expertise needed in these areas through its English course in Bandung.

Mastering English in Abbey Road English Course West Java

The importance for a specialized high quality English course in an increasingly competitive environment cannot be underestimated. As President Jokowi opens up Indonesian borders to greater international competition, and firms vie for control of the market greater productivity and human capital is what they look for in employees. In making Bandung a center for economic openness and development Ridwan Kamil has also invited more competition into the business climate. Those companies who succeed will be the companies who prioritise the long term growth of the firm, which requires long term growth in productivity. Human capital is essential in the modern business world, and English skills are a vital part of this. Every ambitious employee and employer should be able to communicate with clients and partners overseas to expand their market capabilities. This is simply unavailable unless some English skills are posesssed, and Abbey Road English Course West Java is proud to be able to equip Bandung with these attributes.

The English course provided by Abbey Road prioritises the specific needs of our clients to maximise productivity and acheive satisfying results. The course can be tailored to the various industries in Bandung, from hospitality to IT to textiles, and each with a teacher who understands the local climate in Bandung and customises the learning material so that it is appropriate for the level and inspires interaction and engagement from the participants.

The current administration in Bandung has recognized the need for an intelligent and business literate population and has made it one of its priorities. Given Bandung’s lack of access to natural resources it’s primary dependence is on the knowledge economy and creativity of its people. The government has therefore taken encouraging steps to modernise the city and make doing business a smoother process, in a country where the bureaucracy can become an obstruction for enterprises. The creation of a fertile business environment is the ideal environment for creating sustainable long term growth and it is this prospect which attracted Abbey Road to open its Bandung English course. As the opportunities in this lively and sufficiently large (a population of 2.5 million residents) city continue to grow then Abbey Road is happy to provide an integrated and focused business English course to those firms who are willing to invest in their workforce’s productivity and drive their company forward into Indonesia’s bright future. To the next generation of successful businesses in West Java’s largest and capital city we here at Abbey Road English Course West Java say ‘sampurasun’!

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